Natural building materials

Sustainable planning for renovations and new buildings need a choice of materials with long-term, lasting impact.
With historic building materials such as limestone, clay, hemp, flax, straw, lime plaster, lime-hemp insulation and wool can be built breathable, resulting in an increase in the permanent welfare of the inhabitants, and thus brings a longer habitability with it.

We Minergie ECO guidelines for the construction industry to be followed if they are found to be project-specific sense of what they are in most cases.

There is a noticeable difference if a wool sweater or a plastic suit is worn, and so it is with buildings, the second skin of human beings.

Although the straw bale is able to look back on a successful, over 100 years of architectural history, it has proven more complex structures as meaningful the design with modern building physics computer simulation programs (WUFI bio) to calculate how and where can be employed which building materials.

more about the straw bale hause Strohballenbauhaus 003 VS in minergie passiv eco 

Preliminary VS 003 load bearing straw bale

Architects:  Lorenz m. Mettler & Martin Dauner