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Houses without heating are now even in difficult climatic conditions with
Strawballe realizable if we want this only ...

The ecological sustainable performance that is achieved in Strohballenbau place, far outside of the range of energy saving debate held as straw bale houses simply to require little or no energy. The spectrum A+ and A++, as well as the Active House A+++ find no place in the Euro Building Label.
Considerations for European energy label

Proposal for a sustainable energy label

Vorschlag für ein nachhaltiges Energielabel

A PLUS-energy house is a house whose reduced gray energy portion of the building's, can be written off in the long term a reasonable time, due to its energy saving after completion of the construction phase. The recyclability must be fully guaranteed. The first plus energy house without heating was completed in the Grisons in 2000 and has constructed in 2011 named after 11 years.