Architecture & straw bale construction offers:

Sustainable buildings show itself by durable versatile use, it should be ensured primarily through human welfare architecture.


- Planning and design work for new buildings & O ECO settlements
- Planning and design work for building conversions
- Planning and design work for interior fittings
- Discussions, workshops and Troubleshooting for Eigenbauer
-. Building recordings including thermography (IR analysis) as Planning Fundamentals

Courses and workshops deals

We are happy to assist you with course offerings that are tailored to their personal promotion:
- Presentations & Presentations on Strohballenbauten world
- Design principles for space-harmony teachings
- Introduction to ecological construction
- Strohballenbau (theory, applications and processing)
- Application of lime-hemp interior insulation
- Historical lime plasters

2m projection as a successful static challenge

Strohballenbau in Valais - design, execution, employees at the construction site, workshop management -
certified Minergie passive-ECO and BIO

For questions about the straw bale, for pre-projects, for new construction, home renovations, interior and exterior insulation and lime-hemp injection insulating plasters, historic building materials and their processing, as well as building energy analyzes, workshop management for straw bale and hemp-lime Insulations We are at disposal and look forward to their contacts and specific questions