Housing is only 20% of the task

The energy efficiency debate in construction, originally formulated goal of the "2000-watt society" only makes up 20% of Sorgengesammtpakets that must be throttled from 20% to 6%. What the straw bale builder is not a problem, because we are able runterzudrosseln this 20% with buildings from straw equal to 0%. However, in respect of the housing stock in Switzerland has to be rehabilitated to 75%, this represents a genuine executive and legislative challenge; perhaps would bring some dynamics simplified procedures and financial incentives (from 40% improvement of the property mortgage at 0% for example).

Of course plenty to do in order (= 120 energy slaves counted in human performance duration energy consumption per person per year // currently 8,500 watts) of federal and cantonal authorities to implement the objective set shortfalls in the 2000-watt society by 2035; sustainable enough for everyone if we strive together. As Einstein said, problems can not be solved in the same manner as they have arisen ..... On the "The Lightbulb Conspiracy" or of this "planned obsolescence" as Witschaftswachstumsmassnahme; (See Arte-Doc-film) as well as the ever-increasing proliferation of betas, in just about every conceivable areas (including the 65% strength service company), the consumer has meanwhile used, since they are Turnover Boost and supposedly beneficial to GNP auswirken.Nachhaltig new ideas and a view of the "life-orphan" past generations are certainly helpful ... so statements such as: "We are to poor to afford to cheap goods" quote a farmer and core statement about sustainability and longevity.

*Recycling is only guaranteed if materials with reasonable energy consumption reused as long as possible and nature are returned without damage (for animals, humans and the environment); this within the region (country) in which they "consumed" were.